The Larry Harvey Cinnamon Bun

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 Questions from other members : BURNING MAN'S Larry Harvey *** CINNAMON BUN! Item number: 6246322225
Q: \<>/ May the bun be with you! \<>/
A: and also with you.
Q: When one removes the BUN from BURNING MAN, all that is left is RING MAN. Have you checked the coffee rings left on the tables in that same Retail Establishment for other sacred imagery?
A: we haven't returned to the RED, but.... BRING NUMANN -- MAN NUB RING -- and -- Darryl Van Rhey is all we can say.
Q: you rock.
A: Thank You for your kind words, but we all know it is the BUN that rocks. We are but the purveyors of said CINNAMON BUN. Let us pray that familiar prayer every Burner knows so well ---- Hail Holy Larry, Mother of the MAN, and blessed is the ART that thou bringeth to the prehistoric desert land. Holy Larry Harvey, pray for our permits, now and at the HOUR of BURNING MAN. AMEN.
Q: will the larry harvey cinammon bun get along with my terrence mckenna bagel?
A: We are most certain that the HOLY LARRY HARVEY BUN would hold a wonderful Salon to discuss this year's theme and its implications with your Terrence McKenna bagel.
Q: Are the cigarette and glasses included in the auction ?
A: The HOLY BUN was found with cigarette, so yes. The glasses are Larry's and not part of the auction, but you are welcome to get your own glasses to adorn the HOLY LARRY HARVEY BUN.
Q: Ala the Da Vinci Code, is there a Secret Society that will hunt down and kill the buyer of this Most Holy Relic in order to prevent the buyer from using the power of the Holy Holy Holy Bun?
A: I think they are called Borg 2
Q: is it possible to make love to the lee harvey oswald head without having the stetson break off?
A: 'harveys' hat comes off no problem but i hear he likes to do it with his hat on ;)
Q: I have no doubt that my life would be filled with joy if I were to have this HOLY ICON.... but my question is... how much would someone insure for the safe shipping for this item?
A: We are currently waiting for a reply from Lloyds of London. Evidently they will insure anything...
Q: What was the date of discovery of this holy bun?
A: Let us just say it was in the second week of January, a year ago.
Q: Will not the Holy Larry Harvey CINNAMON BUN be stale at the end of this auction?
A: That thought -had- crossed our minds.
Q: Would posession of the Holy Larry Harvey CINNAMON BUN help place my sound camp closer to the esplanad? Have you ever approached a public porta-potty with the Holy Larry Harvey CINNAMON BUN? Any improvement?
A: We cannot dare to assume what the Larry Harvey Cinnamon Bun can do for you regarding placement, that is indeed a DARK and HIDDEN ART and we have never asked the BUN to guide us in such things. We do believe that the BUN may make a PORTA POTTIE experience better, if only because it smells good and would be kind of FUN to look at while you were doing your business. HOWEVER, NEVER THROUGH the LARRY HARVEY CINNAMON BUN into a PORTA POTTIE for obvious reasons.
Q: )'( Wouldn't the Holy Holy Holy Larry Bun endorse a gift economy? Wouldn't the Holy Holy Holy Larry Bun cause miraculous changes in the default world? Doesn't the Holy Holy Holy Larry Bun deserve its own Playa shrine? Like the Dickey Box. But no Dickey. Holy Holy Holy Larry Bun camp. 2006. Do it!
A: A: Please feel free to GIFT the HOLY LARRY HARVEY CINNAMON BUN to anyone on the Playa. We BELIEVE ITS POWER will increase, the closer it gets to BLACK ROCK CITY other questions Q: Could you supply me with the dimensions of the Harvey Bun? Thanks! A: The bun is 5 1/2 wide by 7 1/2 tall. Thank you for your interest in this most holy artifact. Q: This really does look like Larry? I don't want a pastry if it doesn't look like the founder of Burning Man. Does it come with a certificate of authenticity? A: We haven't contacted Major League Baseball or the Catholic Church yet, but we feel this is the real thing, Larry Harvey in the Bun. Please have faith. The bun is bunnerific and beyond that, it evokes faith for all of us. That is all the voices in my head will allow me to say at this moment in time. Q: Back in 1994 or 1997 (I forget which), Larry held up a bowl of cereal and told a video documentary crew that it held amazing significance because it resembled a Fresnel lens. If this bun is the real deal, it continues his prophesy, a decade (or seven years, which is approaching a decade) into the future. Where did you find this pastry and did it come with the cigarette and sunglasses? A: we found this PASTRY in a RED, Retail Entertainment District, and that can only portend the emergence of our most Holy Larry as a playa Lwa, if you will, as one of the usurpers, the COYOTES, the monkey wrenches in the wheel. He was there, amongst a thousand other cinnamon buns, complete with cigarette, staring at us in that moment. It just so happened that we were Burners and we recognized him right away and bought him for that mere dollar seventy five. And we have kept tender care of him since that fateful day Jim. HE IS the cinnamon bun of our decade of decadece and he gives us great peace, just knowing he was there. Sunglasses are not included.
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