Robert Silverman
Robert Silverman has been an Electronic Musician for over 25 years. He studied classical piano for eight years as a teen, switching to electric keyboards, synthesizers, electric guitar, and finally Theremin as the year progressed. Mr. Silverman has been a member of numerous obscure music groups and collectives over the years, and has recently performed with such National acts as the Mermen. Currently, Mr. Silverman plays Theremin (an electronic instrument where music is made by moving one's hands in the air) at many Bay Area Movie Theatres and Performance Spaces, featuring Ultra Lounge and Exotica music favorites.

For Bookings and Sound Design Services, contact Robert at:
silver at glowfactory dot org
Image by Craig LaRotonda

Recent Appearances


Performances, Photos and Music

Tikiyaki 5-0: Eleanor Rigby with Robert Silverman on Theremin at Pagan Idol Room Party Tiki Oasis 17

Annual Hulaween bash featuring live spooky music on the theremin by Robert Silverman

Therioki Demo

Lawrence Kansas, R. Silverman and C. Goff November 2005

Opposite of a Miracle


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